How long does it take to finalise a sale?

When a seller has been sent your offer, we give them at least 48 hours to accept it, depending on the level of the offer. Likewise, when they have accepted your offer, they have 48 hours to start uploading their documents to Motorway so that we can run all necessary background checks to ensure they have the right to sell their vehicle to you.

In some cases, sellers will need help from Motorway to upload all of their documents, and document collection can therefore take a few business days. We will always tell you if any actions are required from you in order to progress a sale.

You can check the status of vehicles within your Purchases section of the site – they change automatically as the sale progresses. For more info on the statuses, see our FAQ I’ve won a vehicle. What’s next?

Our collection service, Motorway Move, is a great way to reduce the time it takes to get your stock onto your forecourt. As soon as you win a vehicle, you can request a Motorway Move collection. Learn more in our FAQ How does Motorway Move work?

To save the admin time of setting up your seller and their finance lender as payees in your system, and wiring out payments to them, you can use Motorway Pay to release funds for your purchases with one click. It’s free and easy, and can be used on a purchase-by-purchase basis. To learn more, read our FAQ How do I set up and use Motorway Pay?