What is Motorway Trade?

Motorway Trade is a new dealer-to-dealer service enabling dealers to sell their part-exchange and overstock vehicles directly to the 5,000 Motorway dealers in our daily live sale. 

Motorway Trade is different from other trade sale platforms because it uses our existing car-profiling system and sales platform to support dealers in profitably and quickly buying and selling trade stock:  

  • High quality vehicle profiles – all Trade vehicles listed in our daily online sales benefit from the same process and tech that Motorway developed for private car owners to profile their vehicles. So, dealers selling and purchasing Trade cars experience the same high-quality profiling that they already know and expect from Motorway
  • Ease and convenience – the ability to sell with Motorway Trade is exclusively available to dealers who are signed up to Motorway Pay. This makes it easier than ever to buy and sell stock, using the same platform. Proceeds from trade sales can be used to purchase additional stock, all through the Motorway Pay wallet.
  • Trusted dealers, high-quality stock – Motorway Trade stock is sold by trusted, verified dealers within the Motorway dealer network. For more information on eligibility, see our FAQ Can any dealer sell on Motorway Trade?