Can any dealer sell on Motorway Trade?

Not yet. To ensure we maintain a high standard on Motorway Trade, we have a number of eligibility criteria which dealers must meet in order to become a seller. The first is being enrolled in Motorway Pay. And, all dealers who use Motorway Pay must complete a Know Your Customer check. This is a government compliance check that verifies the ownership of the dealership. For more, see our FAQ Why do I need to do a "Know Your Customer" check?  

We also consider the number of successful transactions the dealer has made on Motorway, how long they have been signed up to Motorway, and how long they have been trading as a dealership.

Finally, dealers using Motorway Trade must meet high standards on buyer feedback, collection experience, and cancellation rates. If they fail to do so they will not be eligible to sell on Motorway Trade.

These criteria are all to ensure that Motorway Trade sales deliver a high-quality experience.