Do I get receipts when I use Motorway Pay?

We will send you a payment confirmation for each purchase when funds have been successfully sent from your Motorway wallet.

The seller will also receive a payment confirmation to let them know the payment has been made to them.

When you pay for fees via instant billing, you will also receive a VAT receipt relating to the fees paid. With instant billing, your purchasing and Motorway Move fees (if applicable) are paid directly from your online wallet in tandem with your vehicle payment. Instant billing offers you key benefits, including:

  • Final price savings: You’re billed on the final price paid, not your winning bid price. Please note that final price payments are subject to the correct use of our Adjustment & Cancellation form
  • Flawless fee payment: Your purchasing fees will now be billed instantly at the point of purchase – with the fee added to the total vehicle purchase price. This will give you better visibility on the full price of purchasing vehicles.
  • Reduced admin: Once the transaction is completed, you don't have to manage further invoices or fees. We save you admin time and simplify the stock-buying process.