How do I set up and use Motorway Pay?

To join Motorway Pay, please register your interest here

Before we connect your Motorway Pay account, you need to complete a Know Your Customer check. It will take a few days for the check to be verified.

Once you have access to Motorway Pay, you can find your transaction history and wallet details by clicking your initials in the top-right-hand corner of the screen, and selecting Wallet. To open your wallet, we’ll send a two-factor authorisation code to your mobile number.


To pay for a vehicle using Motorway Pay: 

  • Find a vehicle within your purchases with the status ‘Checks complete’ and click on the three dots to open a menu. 
  • Select ‘Vehicle payment’. You’ll see the breakdown of seller, finance, and fees payments that go out once you confirm payment from Motorway Pay. 
  • Make all these payments in one click. You need to have enough funds in your secure online wallet.


When you use Motorway Pay, you’re billed on the final price paid for a vehicle, not your winning bid price. However, price adjustments are subject to a valid Adjustment & Cancellation form.

For more on adjusting a price using Motorway Pay, see our FAQ How do I adjust a price when using Motorway Pay?