How do I set up and use Motorway Pay?

To join Motorway Pay, get in touch with the Dealer Support Team or your Account Manager. Before we sign you on to the service, you will need to complete a Know Your Customer check. This is explained in more detail in our FAQ Why do I need to do a Know Your Customer (KYC) check? It will take a few days to be verified after you’ve completed your KYC check.

Once you have access to Motorway Pay, you can find your wallet by clicking your initials in the top-right-hand corner of the screen, and selecting Wallet.

To open your wallet, as well as to make a payment for a vehicle, you will have to enter a six-digit code sent to your mobile number. This two-factor authorisation keeps the Motorway Pay system secure.

In your wallet, you can see a detailed list of all payments in and out of this account. On the left-hand side of the screen, click the + Add funds button to expand a window with the account name, number, and sort code for this account. Use these details to send funds into your Motorway Pay wallet.


To pay for a vehicle using Motorway Pay, find a vehicle within your purchases with the status ‘Checks complete’ and click on the three dots to open a menu. Select ‘vehicle payment’. You’ll see how much money will be sent to the seller, and how much to the finance company (if applicable) as well as getting a link to the finance settlement.

You can choose whether to continue and launch these payments, or you can click Undisclosed damage on this vehicle to get options to proceed anyway, amend the price, or cancel the purchase.


With Motorway Pay, you also pay for your broker and Motorway Transport fees from your online wallet, at the same time as the vehicle payment to your seller and their finance house (if applicable).

Instant billing offers you key benefits, including:

  • Final price savings: You’re billed on the final price paid, not your winning bid price. Please note that final price payments are subject to the correct use of our Adjustment & Cancellation form
  • Flawless fee payment: Your buyer fees will now be billed instantly at the point of purchase – with the fee added to the total vehicle purchase price. This will give you better visibility on the full price of purchasing vehicles.

  • Reduced admin: Once the transaction is completed, you don't have to manage further invoices or fees. We save you admin time and simplify the stock-buying process.

With your Motorway fees paid all in one along with the vehicle price, you'll free up much more of your admin time. Simply keep your wallet topped up to ensure you have funds to clear these costs. For help with this, see our FAQ Why do I have to keep cash in Motorway Pay?