Why do I have to keep cash in Motorway Pay?

Keeping cash in your Motorway Pay wallet makes it quicker and easier for you to make the most of the service. If you do not have requisite funds in your wallet when initiating a payment, we will notify you so you can top up your wallet in time to make payment.

For more information on setting up Motorway Pay, see our FAQ How do I set up and use Motorway Pay?

You should top up your payment wallet ahead of each vehicle collection. We advise doing so a day or two in advance to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover your upcoming purchases, and to avoid any last-minute topping up.

Depending on how many purchases you make with Motorway, you may have a more efficient experience by keeping a larger amount of money in your wallet on a weekly basis.

There is no limit to how much you can deposit. Funds added to your wallet are safeguarded for you and in your name, and you can hold funds there indefinitely. You can also request a withdrawal by getting in touch with the Dealer Support Team.

All funds added to your payment wallet are safeguarded for you in your name. This means that your money is protected from any risks associated with Motorway’s solvency or that of our payment provider.