Is my money secure with Motorway Pay?

Yes, your money is secure with Motorway Pay.

All funds added to your payment wallet are safeguarded for you in your name. This means that your money is protected from any risk associated with Modulr’s or Motorway’s solvency.

For more information on Modulr, see our FAQ What is Modulr?

The Payment Wallet is an e-money account issued and managed by Modulr. Each account has a unique account number and sort code, and also an IBAN associated with Modulr’s bank identifier code (BIC), either of which can be used to deposit funds. These e-money accounts are provided under Modulr FS Ltd’s licence as an AEMI (FRN: 900573).

Your account details are solely for your use. If you share your details with anyone then Motorway will not be liable to you for any unauthorised transactions or any losses on your account.