Can I use Motorway Pay for financed cars?

Yes. Motorway Pay makes it much simpler to clear outstanding car finance with the lender, and pay any surplus to the seller (in the majority of cases, where vehicles are sold with positive equity). You’ll be able to make both transactions instantly, and sellers benefit from knowing their outstanding finance will be cleared quickly.

Our payments to finance houses are wired within 24 hours of dealers releasing funds through Motorway Pay. As is the case when they are paid directly by a dealer, finance lenders may not clear finance instantly upon receiving these funds. However, we will send proof of transaction to both you and the seller, for peace of mind.

In the case of you purchasing vehicles that are in negative equity, you can still use Motorway Pay to simplify the transaction process. We will collect the outstanding equity from the seller and add it to your wallet, so you can clear the total payable finance directly with the finance house in one click. To handle payments for negative equity vehicles with Motorway Pay, please get in touch with the Dealer Support Team.