What is Motorway Pay?

Motorway Pay is our industry-first, free payment solution, offered to dealers nationwide.

In its first year of operation, Motorway Pay has handled over £1.4bn in vehicle purchases, and saved dealers on average 13 minutes of admin time per purchase (which equates to 11 hours for 50 purchases.)

It’s designed to simplify your purchasing. Once you transfer funds to your Motorway Pay account, it’s just one click to send payment to your car seller, settle your Motorway fees, and clear any finance. 

Payments from your secure online wallet are made using the Faster Payments Service, and 99% of payments are sent to the seller within 5 seconds. 

There are no transaction fees for using Motorway Pay. It’s compliant with FCA regulations, and your funds are protected and safeguarded in your name. 

Watch our video for more information.