What is Motorway Pay?

Motorway Pay is a free payments solution offered to dealers nationwide.

It allows instant payment from a secure online wallet, so vehicle transactions can be processed quicker. In fact, 99% of payments are sent to the seller within 5 seconds!

Dealers using Motorway Pay save time that would normally be spent collecting seller payment details, adding them and their finance lender (if applicable) as payees, and then having to make up to two payments and send remittance advice manually.

Using Motorway Pay, dealers keep a digital wallet topped up, so that when it’s time to make payment for the vehicles they’ve won and inspected, they can release the funds to the sellers and finance houses, as applicable, with just one click. Motorway Pay sets up these payees for the dealer, and sends out payment notifications too.

When using Motorway Pay, you can release funds during collection for sellers’ peace of mind, and so that your transaction is complete by the time you are driving back to your dealership. With Fee Collection, you also pay your fees at the same time as the vehicle purchase, for even more margin transparency and time saved. Review all fees before confirming the payment and you'll receive a VAT receipt with price breakdown in your confirmation email. 

There are no transaction charges for using Motorway Pay and no issues with banks delaying or blocking payments due to fraud rules. Motorway Pay is compliant with FCA regulations, and your wallet funds are protected and safeguarded in your name. 

Watch our video for more information.