What is GoCardless and what does Motorway use it for?

We use GoCardless as a Direct Debit service for dealers who want to settle their invoices automatically.

GoCardless removes the need for manual bank transfers – and is better for your cashflow. Once you are signed up to GoCardless, our payment terms will increase from seven days to twenty-one days – giving you an extra fourteen days before payment leaves your account.

As well as being safe and reliable, GoCardless lets you know exactly how much you’re due to pay, and when the funds are leaving your account. You will receive your invoice three weeks in advance of payment being taken, with a further email from GoCardless three working days before payment. These notifications give you the opportunity to raise any queries with us ahead of payment.

Signing up to GoCardless ensures the timely clearance of all invoices – without your account going into arrears and possibly getting frozen.

If you have been contacted by Motorway about GoCardless, or you would like the opportunity to explore this option for your payments, you can contact our Dealer Finance Team on AR@motorway.co.uk or visit https://pay.gocardless.com/AL00021A9HS2RJ.