How do I pay invoices?

On Motorway Billing you can view your invoices for fees due to Motorway, including Motorway Move fees, issued since September 2022. Find the site by clicking your initials on the top-right corner of the screen on the Motorway dealer website, and selecting Billing, or navigating straight to

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Click the Activity tab to see all of your transactions since September 2022. This will include credit notes, payments, and invoices. You can download document PDFs from here. For your current and past statements, select the Statements tab. You’ll see outstanding invoices and valid credit notes here. Click one invoice to view it in detail.

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To settle your invoices, please pay via bank transfer using the details provided in the invoice, or sign up to pay us through Direct Debit on GoCardless. For more information on this option, see our FAQ What is GoCardless and what does Motorway use it for?

Please note that all invoices and credit notes in Motorway Billing date from September 2022; to enquire about any invoices or credit notes dated before this cut-off, contact