What are your payment terms?

You may be wondering how quickly you are required to pay Motorway invoices. Our payment terms are seven days from invoice date, and we require you to either pay by bank transfer or through GoCardless, a payment provider. When paying through GoCardless, our payment terms increase to twenty-one days.

When we generate invoices for you, they are emailed to your billing email address instantly and can also be found in our billing site (for more on this, see our FAQ Where can I find my invoices on Motorway?)

Should you receive an invoice for a vehicle despite having submitted an Adjustment & Cancellation form, please allow 48 hours for it to be adjusted or removed from the invoice. If the vehicle is still present on your bill after this time, please contact the Dealer Support Team.

If you have trouble receiving your invoices before they are due or overdue, consider updating your billing details. See more in our FAQ How do I update my billing information?