What happens during a collection with Motorway Move?

When you use Motorway Move, we will assign a driver from our trusted and managed transport partners. They will be responsible for the collection, appraisal and delivery of your vehicle. 

The appraisal is conducted using our Motorway Collect app, with the steps as follows:

  1. The driver will give you and the seller an ETA call in the hour leading up to arrival at the seller's address. Please ensure you will be available to review the appraisal and make payment. 
  2. The driver will conduct a thorough appraisal using the Motorway Collect app, which includes a 90-point survey of cosmetic checks, wheels and tyres, engine lights, and a test drive.
  3. When the driver finishes the appraisal on the app, the inspection report gets sent to you automatically so you have all the info you need to complete your purchase. 
  4. If you’re happy with the vehicle’s condition, you can pay the seller straight away. If the driver has found additional damage,  you can renegotiate the price with the seller. If you do wish to adjust the price or cancel the sale, you’ll have to use our Adjustments & Cancellation form, accessible via the vehicle profile.
  5. Following payment, the driver will deliver your vehicle to your chosen site. 
  6. Upon delivery, you will need to check the vehicle condition to confirm there is no additional or missed damage. In rare cases that additional damage is found, you need to add note it on the POD with the driver. Then, you will be able to raise a claim directly with Motorway using this form for reimbursement. For more information, see our FAQ How to claim on Motorway Move
  7. The transport invoice is normally raised seven days after the collection is booked