How much does Motorway Move cost?

The rate card for Motorway Move can be found on our website along with vehicle commission payments: Previously known as Motorway Transport, Motorway Move has had several key service changes in 2024 including a further reduction to our fees.

Motorway Move is charged at £89 for the first 50 miles and £0.95 per mile thereafter. This is £10 cheaper than the previous Motorway Transport fee. The fee is all-inclusive, helping simplify your costs and protect you from hidden charges. Our rate includes:

  • Vehicle collection and delivery
  • A comprehensive vehicle appraisal using Motorway Collect
  • All fuel and tolls
  • 75 minutes of waiting time onsite
  • Breakdown recovery
  • 50% abort fee coverage if the cancellation is not your fault (e.g. if non-disclosed damage is found to the vehicle during collection).

You pay for Motorway Move on a service-by-service basis – it is not a subscription and there’s no contract or minimum volume necessary. The price varies by distance (between seller and dealer) and the type of transportation you require (driven, transported, heavy transported). The cheapest and default option is driven, however some vehicles must be transported (e.g. EVs). For more info, see our FAQ Why are some vehicles driven and others transported?

The invoice for Motorway Move fees is raised seven days after the documents have been reviewed. In some cases, you may receive the invoice before the collection has occurred. You can find this invoice in your Motorway Billing portal, along with your invoices for buying fees. To learn more about Motorway Billing, see our FAQ Where can I find my invoices on Motorway?

If you use Motorway Pay, however, you can make use of our new instant billing feature, and pay your buying and Motorway Move fees from your online wallet at the same time as the vehicle payment to the seller, and their finance house, if applicable.