How do I book Motorway Move?

Booking Motorway Move is easy, and done on a purchase-by-purchase basis. You don’t have to sign up or subscribe to the service.

To make a booking:

transport fees.gif

  1. Select ‘Delivery details’ in the vehicle profile menu within your purchases.
  2. You’ll see a quote based on the total driven distance between your address and the seller (as opposed to the 'as the crow flies' distance shown on the vehicle profile). It will give prices for transporting or driving the vehicle – learn more about this in our FAQ Why are some vehicles driven and others transported?
  3. Select either the driven or transported option. 
  4. Look out for your confirmation of the collection date and time in your emails.

To find out what to expect during collection and delivery, see our FAQ What happens during a Motorway Move vehicle appraisal?