What is the best time to arrange collections?

Whether you are arranging collection directly with your seller, or using Motorway Move, there are various elements to consider when it comes to arranging the optimal date and time of collection, for both you and the seller.

  • If you are collecting from a seller’s home, please be aware that they may feel more comfortable at a time when they will not be home alone
  • Your seller may not realise you can collect from their workplace. This might be even more convenient than home. You can suggest this, if arranging collection proves tricky
  • If you arrange collection during office hours, e.g. between 9am and 6:00pm, you will be able to contact the Dealer Support Team and the seller will be able to contact the Customer Support Team, should any issues arise. This is especially helpful should you need to use the Adjustment & Cancellation form. (See more in our FAQ What is Motorway’s Adjustment & Cancellation form?)
  • Collection must not be carried out after 7pm unless you have obtained written permission from your seller, e.g. over email. Please make sure you forward this proof of permission to Motorway’s Dealer Support Team as soon as you can, so we are aware of the out-of-hours collection.
  • Please note that neither Motorway Move, Motorway, nor the seller is responsible for paying any Clean Air Zone or Low Emission Zone charges at any point during the collection; this must be covered by the purchaser. Likewise, please be mindful that your seller could live within a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, and driving at a certain time could incur a charge that you are liable for.