How do I cancel a vehicle purchase during collection?

As with renegotiating, you may in rare circumstances find yourself at a collection deciding that you need to cancel a vehicle purchase.

Whether you are collecting the vehicle in-person, or using Motorway Move to do so, you must fill in the Adjustment & Cancellation form with as much evidence as possible to support your claim that the vehicle is not as advertised. Motorway agents will validate your form as justified or unjustified. Justified cancellations include finding undisclosed damage that goes beyond a reasonable preparation cost, and subsequently failing to come to an agreed adjusted price with the seller.

For more information on finding and using the form, see our FAQ What is Motorway’s Adjustment & Cancellation form?

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Please take note that wear and tear, minor repairs, any faults listed in the vehicle profile or exterior grade (Bronze, Silver, Gold), and mileage within 200 miles of what was advertised are not considered justified reasons to cancel a sale. We ask you to allow for £250 in prep costs before requesting any price adjustments.

If you have a high incidence rate of cancelling purchases and submitting unjustified Adjustment & Cancellation forms, you risk having your account suspended. For more info, see our FAQ What is a Cancellation Issue Rate?

A key tenet of our dealer conduct policy is that you inform Motorway of any negotiations or contact with your seller following a cancelled sale. Should you and your seller come to an agreement once again following a cancelled sale, you must inform the Dealer Support Team and go through the proper channels. If you fail to do this, you are in breach of our privacy policy, which results in you being suspended from purchasing stock on the Motorway platform.