How do I cancel a vehicle purchase with arranged collection?

If you have had an offer accepted and you’ve arranged collection with your seller, but you have to cancel the sale entirely due to exceptional circumstances, please fill out the Adjustment & Cancellation form as soon as possible, which you can find on the vehicle profile. To discuss your situation in further detail, you can get in touch with the Dealer Support Team.

In the case of having a Motorway Move booking that you need to cancel, please refer to our FAQ How do I cancel a Motorway Move booking? to check how much of the fees you may be liable for paying, in the event of a cancellation.

As we outline in our dealer conduct policy, our expectation is that you make offers with the intention of honouring the purchases. If you cancel a significant proportion of your purchases, you could risk having your account frozen. For more info on these guidelines, see our FAQ What is a Cancellation Issue Rate?