What is Motorway’s Adjustment & Cancellation form?

Our full terms and conditions for price adjustments and cancellations are available on our website.

We understand that during some collections, you will find undisclosed damage and need to change your price to reflect the cost of repairs. Here is how you proceed if you uncover additional damage at the point of collection:

  1. You must point out the discrepancy to the seller and request a price reduction that accurately reflects the repair cost, after allowing £250 for prep costs. If it is not possible to agree on an adjusted price you may need to cancel the sale.
  2. In either case, you must complete our Adjustment & Cancellation form within 24 hours. Find this by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of the vehicle profile listed in your Purchases area.

Frame 13.png

3. When completing the form, ensure you add plenty of photo evidence and detailed descriptions of any additional damage not captured in the original vehicle profile.

4. We will assess your submission and ensure you are invoiced accurately.

If you have a high rate of unjustified cancellations, you risk having your account suspended. For more info, see our FAQ What is a Cancellation Issue Rate?

We may contact you after a cancellation to request further feedback. This enables us to continually ensure that the Motorway marketplace provides a positive experience for both dealers and sellers.

A key tenet of our dealer conduct policy is that you inform Motorway of any negotiations or contact with your seller following a cancelled sale. Should you and your seller come to an agreement once again following a cancelled sale, you must inform the Dealer Support Team and go through the proper channels. If you fail to do this, you are in breach of our privacy policy, which results in you being suspended from purchasing stock on the Motorway platform.