How much can I renegotiate when collecting the vehicle?

Our expectation is that vehicles are properly profiled by sellers and examined online by dealers, minimising any need to renegotiate the vehicle price during inspection. It is also important to note that your seller has the legal right to walk away from your deal at any point, and this may become more likely if you renegotiate during collection.

At times, it’s possible that you find damage that was not disclosed, that goes beyond a minor repair or wear and tear. For older or high-mileage vehicles, we ask you to allow up to £250 additional prep costs.

In cases where you believe that the damage warrants a change to pricing to reflect the cost of repair, you are required to fill out our Adjustment & Cancellation form. Find this online form by clicking the three dots on the right-hand side of a vehicle profile within your Purchases area. For more info, see our FAQ What is Motorway’s Adjustment & Cancellation form?

Any changes you suggest to the price must reflect an accurate cost to repair, and must be more significant than minor wear and tear, which will have been broadly indicated by our Bronze, Silver, and Gold exterior condition grading system. You use this form whether you inspect the vehicle in person, or receive the inspection info over a phone call with a Motorway Transport driver.

Additionally, Motorway aims to contact all sellers after vehicle collection to discuss the transaction and the final agreed price. This is why you must update us should the price paid for the vehicle differ from the original bid price. Please note, in the event a vehicle is reduced by an amount that would result in the fee being reduced, you will still be invoiced for the original fee which is based on the winning bid.

When you use Motorway Pay to pay the seller, you have an additional option to report undisclosed damage and either adjust the price, cancel, or proceed. These steps must be followed after having also used the Adjustment & Cancellation form. If you are part-way through transacting on Motorway Pay, but have not filled in the Adjustment & Cancellation form yet, please complete the form so Motorway can verify it, and ensure your seller is in agreement with your proposed new price, before completing the transaction on Motorway Pay.