When will the seller accept my offer?

If you made the best offer for a vehicle in the live sale, your winning bid will be sent to the seller as soon as the sale concludes, for approval. If you’ve won a vehicle in the buy it now sale, your offer will go straight to the seller for approval.

When you’ve won a bid, you’ll see the vehicle move from your Bids & offers area of the site, with the status ‘Under offer’, to your Purchases area, with the status ‘Awaiting confirmation’.

When a seller has been informed of your winning offer, we give them 24 hours to consider it before we contact them to check in. You don’t have to do anything to check on the status of the purchase, or contact the seller during this time. As soon as the seller approves or declines your offer, we will notify you.

If they decline, the vehicle will move to the Cancelled area of your Purchases. If they approve, it will stay in Purchases and the status will move to ‘reviewing documents’.

When the seller has approved your offer, we give them 48 hours to upload their documents, before getting in touch directly to support them with this step. We work with the sellers to get their documents uploaded to the Motorway system.

However, we require you to touch base with the seller within a day of the deal being approved, to introduce yourself as their buyer and suggest a date for collection, if you’re handling this directly rather than using Motorway Move. 

Below is some sample text you can include when getting in touch with your seller:

"Hi there, I’m John Doe from Doe Motors, the car dealer who purchased your vehicle through Motorway.

If you’re using Motorway Move:

"We will be using Motorway’s in-house transport service to inspect and collect your car, so Motorway will be in touch with you separately to set this up.

If you’re arranging your own collection:

"Please let me know what days and times work for you for free collection. This will normally be from your home, at the address registered with Motorway. Is that where you would like us to collect your car from?

If their docs aren’t yet uploaded

"If you need any help uploading your documents to Motorway, their Sales Support Team can answer any questions and provide guidance on what’s needed."