Can I increase my bid or offer?

Our platform is designed for you to make your best bid or offer across the live sale and buy it now sale. We use a blind system to ensure that pricing isn’t based on guesswork surrounding the competition of the sale, but rather that it reflects the fair value of the vehicle.

If you’ve placed a bid in the live sale, and before it closes you feel strongly that you want to increase it for a higher likelihood of securing the vehicle, you will have to cancel your bid and then place a higher one before the end of the sale.


We do not encourage you cancelling and re-bidding frequently. The most efficient way to secure a vehicle is to start with your best price. Thanks to our proxy bidding system, when you win vehicles you will make proxy savings that cumulatively save you thousands of pounds.

In the case of the buy it now sale, we’ve made it easy for you to increase your offer. You’ll see this option as a button in the window on the right-hand side of the vehicle profile screen, next to the offer you’ve already made.


The buy it now sale always displays the highest offer a vehicle has already received below the 'buy it now' price. When a vehicle has received an offer above this price, it becomes unavailable for other dealers.

However, with offers below the 'buy it now' price in play, you have options to: buy the vehicle immediately at the 'buy it now' price or higher, increase your existing offer, or make an offer below the 'buy it now' price but above the highest current offer.