How long does it take to win a vehicle in the buy it now sale?

The buy it now sale works differently from the live sale – securing a vehicle can be either quicker or slower, depending on the level of your offer.

It’s not a blind auction with proxy bidding. In this sale, when you win a vehicle, you pay the full amount that you offered.

If you make an offer at the ‘buy it now’ price or higher, your offer gets sent straight to the seller for approval, and the status of the vehicle changes at the same time to ‘Awaiting confirmation’. This means that other dealers cannot counteroffer, and you have immediately won the vehicle. We’ll start uploading and verifying the seller’s documents, and you’ll be able to book Motorway Transport or arrange collection directly with the seller.

If you offer below the ‘buy it now’ price, you do not automatically win the vehicle. The offer will be sent straight to the seller, as will any sequential higher offers. However, we’ll give them up to 48 hours to consider your offer, before contacting them to check in on the status of the sale. During this time, other dealers will still be able to see the vehicle in the Buy it now sale, and counteroffer.

You can easily increase your offer on a Buy it now vehicle – see our FAQ for more information. Can I increase my bid or offer?

The highest offer made below the ‘buy it now’ price is displayed on the vehicle profile in the buy it now sale.

image 13.png

It may take sellers a couple of days to decide whether to accept an under ‘buy it now’ price offer. But don’t worry – our Customer Support Team will be on the other side, working with the sellers to get their vehicles sold, and we will be in touch with you when we have an update for you, or any actions you need to take.