How do I make an offer in the buy it now sale?

To make offers for vehicles in the buy it now sale, go to the full vehicle profile, and you’ll see a box on the right-hand side of the screen displaying the 'Buy it now' price. You can either click the buy it now button to secure the vehicle at that price, or Make an offer to enter a different (normally lower) price.

image 7.png

If you want to cancel your offer, just click the Cancel button next to your displayed offer. 

image 9.png

Once you’ve made your offer, you can check the vehicle’s sale status by navigating to Bids & offers at the top of your screen.

  • If your offer is in the Under offer category, it indicates that your offer has been sent to the seller. If it's below the 'buy it now' price, it might take a couple of days to hear whether your offer was accepted. Once it is, it will move to your Purchases section.
  • The category Didn’t win shows you the vehicles that you were outbid for. If you made an offer below the 'buy it now' price, and another dealer secured the vehicle at a higher price or the 'buy it now' price, this is where you'll see those vehicles.

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