When will I know if I won a vehicle?

When you win a vehicle at the end of the live sale, you will get an automatic confirmation email. You’ll be able to find the vehicle profile under your Purchases, with the status ‘Awaiting confirmation’.

Then, once the seller has agreed to the sale, you’ll get another email stating the price to be paid. This email will remind you of the terms of sale, and our privacy policy. It will also contain a link to the seller’s contact info, so you can get in touch to introduce yourself and arrange collection of their vehicle. For sample text to send to your seller, see our FAQ When will the seller accept my offer? 

When the seller has confirmed the sale, the vehicle profile will switch status within your Purchases area to ‘Reviewing documents’ while we finalise all of the necessary paperwork for you to complete the sale. We will let you know at this stage if any actions are needed from you.

image 23.png

Click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the vehicle profile in the Purchases area for options, and select ‘Delivery details’ to see a quote for collecting the vehicle with Motorway Move.

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If, 48 hours after getting in touch with your seller, you have not heard back from them, you may rescind your offer. For help with this, please follow the steps to cancel your bid (see our FAQ Can I cancel a bid or offer? We have additional info on dealing with uncommunicative sellers in our FAQ What is your dealer conduct policy?