How do I place a bid in the live sale?

To place bids for vehicles in Motorway’s live sale go to the full vehicle profile, enter your maximum bid in the window on the right-hand side of the screen, and click Submit bid.

image 8.png

If your bid is too far below the reserve price, you will see an error message giving you the minimum possible amount to bid. Once you’ve made your offer, you’ll see it displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

image 10.png

If you want to cancel your bid, just click the Cancel button, next to your displayed bid.

image 9.png

Once you’ve placed a bid on a vehicle, you can check its status by navigating to Bids & offers at the top of your screen.

Frame 6.png

You’ll see bids categorised within Active or Under offer.

  • If your bid is in the Active group, it means the vehicle is still available and fellow dealers can bid on it until the end of the sale.
  • If it’s in Under offer, it indicates that your offer has been sent to the seller.
  • The third category, Didn’t win, shows you the vehicles that you were outbid for.