How can I favourite, save, or shortlist stock?

To shortlist the vehicles you want to look at later, hover over the thumbnail photo in the vehicle list and click the star that appears. Default.png

This is possible from the live sale and buy it now sale. You can also find a clickable shortlisting star when looking at a full vehicle profile. Clicking the star a second time (when it's shaded) will remove the vehicle from your shortlist.

shortlising and navigation.gif

Access your shortlist at any time from the Marketplace area, in a tab next to the live sale and buy it now tabs.

Vehicles will not be shown in your shortlist when they are no longer live on the Motorway platform.

Please note that individual users within one dealership account will each have a separate shortlist. Controls are in place to ensure that colleagues do not counterbid on the same vehicles as each other.