Where do I find everything I need to know about a vehicle?

Vehicle profiles in our live sale and buy it now sale contain all the detailed spec info we ask from sellers, as well as photos, service history, and the reserve or Buy it now price.

When you open the full vehicle profile, you’ll see the full spec info, mileage, location, vehicle details and features, MOT date, service history, mechanical and electrical issues, condition and damage, wheels and tyres, and the grade of condition we’ve given the vehicle. Learn more in our FAQ What do Bronze, Silver, and Gold vehicle grades mean? On the full vehicle profile, you have access to bidding and shortlisting.

Although we start collecting documentation from sellers before the sale, we don’t share their contact information with dealers until the vehicle has been won. You’ll see an approximate vehicle distance on the vehicle profile, so you can calculate the transport costs.

After winning the vehicle, Motorway will verify the seller’s documentation and you’ll see proof of this paperwork uploaded to the profile. The vehicle's status displayed within your Purchases area will reflect this, changing from 'Reviewing documents' to 'Checks complete'.