What is the buy it now sale?

Vehicles first go into our live sale with a reserve price, once they’ve been profiled by the seller and verified by us. This runs every day from 7pm until 3:30pm the next day.

If a vehicle fails to meet its reserve price in the live sale, the seller can opt to feature it in our buy it now sale for 24 hours, which is always on.

Vehicles in the buy it now sale can be bought instantly at their 'Buy it now' price, or you can make an offer below if you believe that is fairer.

If a vehicle is bought below its 'Buy it now' price, that winning offer is the price the dealer will pay. The buy it now sale does not use proxy bidding, unlike the live sale. For more on proxy bidding, see our FAQ What type of auction is Motorway?

The post-sale process is the same for vehicles bought in the live sale and the buy it now sale.

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