Where do I find stock?

When you log in to the Motorway site, you will see the homepage is divided into sections Marketplace, Bids & offers, and Purchases.

How do I find stock.png

All sales and bidding take place within the Marketplace area. You’ll see three consecutive tabs:

Under each of these tabs you’ll see a vehicle list. Use filters to browse these sales based on specifics such as make, mileage, and collection distance. Click the individual vehicle thumbnails to see the full information on that vehicle profile.

Add vehicles to your shortlist by hovering over the thumbnail image in any of the sales, and clicking on the star that appears. You can also click on the star in the full vehicle profile. Click shaded stars to remove those vehicles from the shortlist.

When looking at the vehicle lists under any of these tabs, you can download the information to CSV (spreadsheet)  format. Learn more in our FAQ Can I download information about the vehicles on Motorway?