What is your dealer conduct policy?

We pride ourselves on delivering a good experience for dealers and sellers alike.

All of our guidelines for completing purchases efficiently, and getting the most out of Motorway, can be found throughout these FAQs.

We have more specific dealer conduct policies as follows:

Vehicle profile terms:

What we provide or check:

✔ HPi check

✔ Ex-salvage and ex-taxi V-Check

✔ Photo quality throughout the profile

✔ Service history

✔Last MOT date and advisories

✔ Specification of each vehicle

✔ Check if the vehicle is an import

✔ If the vehicle is on finance, and if so what the settlement figure is


What we don't provide or check:

❌ Physical on-site inspection

❌ Physical check of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and badges

❌ Mechanical condition of the vehicle

Please take these factors into account when bidding, especially for older/higher mileage vehicles that may naturally have additional wear and tear.

Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to verify details about a certain vehicle ahead of making a bid.


Sale terms:

  • End-of-sale notification – At the end of each sale, you will be automatically notified by email about the outcome of your bids.
  • Bids are valid for 48 hours – We apply a 48-hour window for the seller to confirm the sale once the auction ends. However, 94% of sellers confirm the sale on the same day with most confirmations within 1-3 hours after the sale ends.
  • You must contact sellers within 24 hours – You will be notified via email when the seller confirms the sale – at which point, the seller’s details will be made available to you on the platform. Motorway requires that you contact the seller within 24 hours of receiving the sale confirmation email.
  • Failure to make contact within 24 hours – If contact isn't made with the seller within 24 hours of the sale ending, this can cause a poor experience for the seller. You will be contacted by Motorway at this point. If a further 24 hours pass from the end of the sale time, we will offer the vehicle to the 2nd highest bidder or re-list the vehicle in a future sale. You will not be able to re-bid on the same vehicle.
  • Repeatedly missing this 24-hour timeframe – Repeatedly missing this 24-hour contact timeframe could result in a freeze on your buying account.
  • Motorway document collection – We collect documents from sellers when a sale is confirmed, meaning dealers don’t have to gather seller documents themselves. You will see documents collected within the Purchases section of your online account – from there, you can print and/or download each document as required. We will notify you by email once the documents have been collected and verified.
  • Keep us updated – If you have contacted the seller and they have not responded, please let us know and our team will contact the seller to avoid us needing to re-list the vehicle for other dealers to buy.
  • Wait for the V5C logbook transfer – Please do not transfer the details of the car away from the seller’s name until you have inspected the car and agreed on the sale price.
  • Perform due diligence – Please carry out due diligence on each sale as it’s the dealer's responsibility to cross-check all documents before collection, payment, and delivery of the vehicle. While Motorway strives to be as accurate as possible in the profiling of cars, there are some rare occasions where the seller’s documentation is not as expected on the day of sale. This should include checking things like the VIN and badges.
  • Wait to advertise – We ask dealers to not advertise any purchases from Motorway on their own websites (or any other classified listing websites) until they have collected and paid for the vehicle.

Handling non-communicative sellers 

If you experience issues contacting the seller, please get in touch with our Dealer Support Team as soon as possible.

We understand that arranging transport and gathering documents is an important part of purchasing any vehicle and wish to make this process as seamless as possible.

Please avoid multiple chasing emails or calls to the seller. We can contact the seller on your behalf if needed to ensure the process is smooth.

Collections and cancellations

For more information on our policies surrounding the ‘last mile’ of sales on the Motorway platform, namely transport, collections, and cancellations, please refer to those areas in this Help Centre, specifically the following FAQs: