How many accounts can I have per dealership?

Dealerships can have as many user logins as required. If you need to add staff members to your account – for example, buyers, admin staff, or collection drivers ­– the principal contact on the account will be asked to submit a complete list of contact details to the Dealer Support Team. The information required for an account to be added is:  

  • Full name
  • Position at company
  • Company email
  • Contact phone number (preferably a direct line)

You will also be asked to stipulate the permission rights for each nominated user account. For more on setting permissions, see our FAQ Can I set different permissions for users of my account?  

Please discuss with your Account Manager, or the Dealer Support Team, the best ways of setting these up and assigning the correct details for each user. Note that our platform is set up to ensure that dealers working at the same dealership, but logged in separately, do not counterbid each other for the same vehicles.