What is Motorway Instant Match?

Instant Match is our new service, matching the cars you have purchased on Motorway with prospective private buyers, with the aim of massively speeding up the process of selling cars.

Instant Match is the first model of its kind, enabling dealers to move stock quickly and efficiently, and providing private car buyers a great price on their next car.

How it works:

  1. Prospective private buyers can set up personalised email alerts specifying the makes, models, age, and mileage of cars they are looking to purchase.
  2. Then, once you win a car in Motorway’s live sale and complete payment for it using Motorway Pay, the consumer buyers interested in that car will be sent an alert about the car’s availability.
  3. Buyers will be able to see a profile of the vehicle (based on the online Motorway profile), and if they are interested in purchasing, we will learn more about their location, needs, and preferences, before connecting you with them if it’s a match. 
  4. You set the prices, and our team provides support to help you close a great deal.

Just as you trust Motorway to help you acquire used car stock online, you can also now trust Motorway to help you sell that stock quickly to private car buyers, nationwide.