How does Motorway Collect work?

Motorway Collect is included as standard on Motorway Move bookings and there is no need for you to sign up. At present, the app is exclusively used by Motorway Move drivers, so you get real-time confirmation of the quality of the stock you’re buying.

We’re setting a new standard for vehicle appraisal technology in the industry: 

  • Comparative Appraisals: Our unique technology allows drivers to seamlessly compare a vehicle’s condition against high-definition photos presented in the vehicle profile, giving you full visibility and ensuring you get the vehicle you bid for. 
  • Guided Appraisals: Through a guided step-by-step user experience, drivers are guided around the exterior and interior of the vehicle, and are required to conduct 90 necessary checks and a test drive before completing the appraisal process. 
  • Transparency: With Motorway Collect, we provide a comprehensive, web-based report that captures all the inspection details including any discrepancies between the advertised vehicle profile and the actual condition of the vehicle at the point of collection, giving both the seller and dealer peace of mind. 
  • Seamless Communication: With Motorway Collect, drivers can contact the seller and the dealer in one click, to inform them of their arrival time and to discuss any potential vehicle damage. 

This app will be used by our drivers on Motorway Move collections as standard, at no additional charge.