What is Motorway Collect?

Motorway Collect is our new appraisal app that will be used on all Motorway Move collections, aiming at driving quality, consistency and transparency in the vehicle collection and appraisal process.

Unlike other appraisal tech available in the market, Motorway Collect enables drivers to easily assess a vehicle’s condition versus what was advertised at auction, ensuring dealers are getting the vehicle that they bid on.

Drivers are taken through a guided in-app appraisal to ensure consistency and quality throughout. After appraisal, our interactive Proof of Collection and Delivery documentation is shared directly with dealers – this sets us apart from other appraisal apps. Quickly and easily identify where the damage is on a vehicle with high-quality photos, helping you make faster and more informed purchasing decisions.

Motorway Collect provides key improvements to the appraisals carried out remotely during the Motorway Move process:

  • Accuracy of appraisals: By providing every vehicle’s full profile from the live sale for comparison when drivers appraise the car.
  • Comprehensive process: The app guides drivers through a mandatory appraisal process, ensuring a standardised and enforced inspection.
  • Transparency: Newly designed collection and delivery documentation are shared with purchasing dealers through the app, providing added transparency.
  • Seamless communication: Drivers are able to contact the seller and dealer directly to keep them updated with progress on ETAs and the condition of the vehicle.