How can I filter delivered vehicles in my purchases?

Within the Complete category of your Purchases area, you can tag individual vehicle profiles as ‘Delivered’, to keep track of the vehicles that you physically have in your dealership, versus those that are still in the post-sale process. 

Simply click the three dots on the right-hand side of each vehicle in the list, and select, ‘Mark as delivered’.

mark delivered_1.png

You’ll see the green Delivered status now showing against that vehicle profile in the list, next to the reg display.

mark delivered_2.png

To remove this tag, click the three dots again and select, ‘Unmark as delivered’. 

mark delivered_3.png

To filter the vehicle profiles within the Complete category to only those awaiting delivery, click the button to the right of the search bar, and toggle the option at the bottom of the menu, ‘Hide delivered vehicles’ to ‘yes’. 

mark delivered_4.png

Vehicles within purchases that were bought over six months ago, and not cancelled, are automatically marked as delivered.