How to claim on Motorway Move

When you receive a vehicle at your dealership, you should thoroughly inspect it alongside the driver and against the Proof of Collection (POC) form. If you identify additional damage to the vehicle which was not declared on the POC, you must ensure that this is added by the driver as ‘new damage found’ on the Proof of Delivery (POD) section of the Motorway Collect app. A copy of the POD will be sent to you once complete and can be viewed in your Pro Account.

Where new damage is present on the POD, you should submit a claim via this form.

  • Claim forms must be submitted within four working days of vehicle delivery.
  • Claim forms require the attachment of the relevant POC and POD links, additional photographic evidence of the damage, and a clear written description of your claim.
  • Please note you should allow for fair wear and tear on a used vehicle. You cannot claim for mechanical damage, windscreen damage, stone chips, or tyre punctures suffered whilst the vehicle is in transit, or damages not visible in the photographic evidence due to the lighting conditions. 
  • You must have a Google account to submit a claim via this form. If you do not have one, we recommend creating a free account, as this will speed up your claims process. If this poses an issue, please contact Dealer Support or your Account Manager to discuss.

Where we investigate a claim, we aim to assess and inform you of the result of a claim within 10 working days from submission.

We use a standardised approach to assess claims and damage value by using our own internal data and industry knowledge. This ensures you get a fair price to resolve the damage when we uphold your claim.

Where Motorway accepts a claim, the claim value will be paid to you within four working days. This will be paid either as Motorway credit on your account, or as a direct payment, whichever you prefer.